About Us

The team is made up of technical and accounting experts to not only solve those IT issues but to help your accountants with their issues.

We typically start by receiving your budget in any form and transposing it into an import file to set up your chart of accounts. Filmacc is setup on your PC’s or Servers using Teamviewer and then the necessary training is offered if you are new to Filmacc.

We offer an accounting service as well, because many shows these days are small budgets which cannot afford a full time accountant. What has become very popular is that your Line producer or PA, controls the petty cash, and pays the invoices and prepares these transactions on Excel Templates ready for the Filmacc Team to produce your final accounts. Discussions are held to finalise the ESTIMATES so that meaningful Variances and ETC’s (Estimate to Complete) are displayed on your reporting to manage your show to budget.